Make Me Glow for an Hour

On Friday, August 11th, 2023, Lauren Powell Projects proudly presented Make Me Glow for an Hour, a confectionary response to the gallery’s latest exhbition, Semblance, by artist Ari Salka.

The title, drawing from Giovannai Rosa’s untitled sugar poem, highlights the ecstatic and exhaustive dynamism present in Salka’s paintings and poetry, as well as in the medium of sugar itself. Like Salka, Make Me Glow for an Hour frames time as both precious and ongoing, portraying past, present, and future as collaborative and co-implicating through confectionary arrangements that transform, melt, drip, smear, crumble, metabolize, energize, and wear, through the experience of collective obliteration and consumption. In this work, Lovening Agent turns to Semblance’s passionate portrayal of abstraction, repetition, and fragmentation in her own construction, refracting Salka’s approach to mark-making in sugar likeness.

Sesame Chiffon Cake + Sesame Chiffon Imprimé, Meringue, Salted French Meringue Buttercream, Corn Custard, Plum Compote, Charred Lemon + Sour Melon Gel, Plum Fennel Gel, Corn Crumble, Rasberry Jam, Candied Rhubarb, Candied Fennel, Sugared Herbs, Verjus Plumped Golden Raisins + Charred Lemon // Plexiglass // Mirror // Flowers // Herbs